• Business & Community Expo

  • The Chamber’s Business & Community EXPO is a family oriented showcase held  at the Wauconda High School.  It features local business exhibitors, government entities, direct sales, health & wellness fair, military expo, giveaways, a kid zone filled with activities and live entertainment. A must attend winter event.

    Next Year's EXPO is February 22, 2020 10am - 4pm










  • Testimonials:

    "This was my first time participating in the Expo - it was great!  Very well attended and organized." - Exhibitor

    "There was lots of foot traffic and lots of things to do for the whole family, so I thought it was great." - Exhibitor

    "So glad it is just one day! Great crowd this year." - Exhibitor

    "A wonderful event, thank you."- Exhibitor

    "This event was great. Thank you for allowing us to participate."- Exhibitor

    "I think it was organized very well.  Check in and set up time was very well run.  The help from the FBLA members was extremely helpful.  They were very polite and courteous.  Deliah was extremely helpful before, during and after....it was a pleasure working with her."

    "Great to see some local businesses and learn about the community." - Attendee

    "Had a great time.  Look for it next year." - Attendee

    "Excellent customer service." - Attendee

    "Very cool and great idea for Wauconda!  Keep it up!" - Attendee

    "Nice variety of booths." - Attendee

    "Wonderful experience." - Attendee

    "So much fun." - Attendee

    "It was perfect." - Attendee


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    • FBLA-Volunteers.jpg
      Thank you FBLA volunteers
    • Dancing-at-the-Craft-Show.jpg
      Dancing at the Craft Show
    • Academy-of-Ballet.jpg
      Academy of Ballet
    • Threads-Boutique.jpg
      Threads Boutique
    • IMG_7362.JPG-w900.jpg
      Juice Plus
    • IMG_7363.JPG-w899.jpg
    • IMG_7364.JPG-w899.jpg
      Village of Wauconda
    • IMG_7365.JPG-w899.jpg
      Wauconda Fire District
    • IMG_7367.JPG-w899.jpg
      Wauconda Township
    • IMG_7368.JPG-w899.jpg
      Transfiguration Church
    • IMG_7369.JPG-w899.jpg
      Wauconda Forward
    • IMG_7370.JPG-w899.jpg
    • IMG_7371.JPG-w899.jpg
      Wauconda Township for the People
    • IMG_7372.JPG-w899.jpg
      Volo Sportsplex
    • IMG_7373.JPG-w899.jpg
      Epic Floors
    • IMG_7374.JPG-w899.jpg
      All Temp
    • Threads-Boutique.jpg
    • IMG_7375.JPG-w899.jpg
      Elite Remodeling Group
    • IMG_7376.JPG-w899.jpg
      Wauconda Library
    • IMG_7377.JPG-w899.jpg
      Pipkin Allstate
    • IMG_7378.JPG-w899.jpg
      Ace Hardware
    • IMG_7379.JPG-w899.jpg
      Bookfriends International
    • IMG_7380.JPG-w899.jpg
    • IMG_7381.JPG-w899.jpg
      Paradise Park Assisted Living
    • IMG_7382.JPG-w899.jpg
      Federated Church of Wauconda
    • IMG_7383.JPG-w899.jpg
      Petra 4 Travel
    • IMG_7384.JPG-w899.jpg
      Star Charties
    • IMG_7385.JPG-w899.jpg
      Illinois Dance
    • IMG_7386.JPG-w899.jpg
      Messiah Lutheran Church
    • IMG_7387.JPG-w899.jpg
      First Step Foot Care
    • IMG_7388.JPG-w899.jpg
      Gypsy Glen
    • IMG_7390.JPG-w899.jpg
      Daily Herald
    • IMG_7391.JPG-w1574.jpg
      Wauconda CUSD
    • IMG_7392.JPG-w1574.jpg
      ABK Lock and Safe
    • IMG_7393.JPG-w899.jpg
      Lions Club
    • IMG_7394.JPG-w899.jpg
    • IMG_7395.JPG-w899.jpg
      Silver Lotus
    • IMG_7396.JPG-w899.jpg
      Legacy 1878
    • IMG_7397.JPG-w899.jpg
      Wauconda Car Care
    • IMG_7400.JPG-w899.jpg
      Edward Jones
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