• Business & Community Expo

  • The Chamber’s Business & Community EXPO is a family oriented showcase held  at the Wauconda High School.  It features local business exhibitors as well as a craft show and great family entertainment. A must attend winter event.

    Event Date:  February 25, 2017



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  • Testimonials:

    "I want to thank you for putting on a great event last weekend! Threads employees had an enjoyable time and most importantly got a lot of new customer leads from it.  I look forward to future events!" - Linda Starkey. Threads

    "There was lots of foot traffic and lots of things to do for the whole family, so I thought it was great." - Exhibitor

    "Great job, great turn out.  We will definitely attend next year." - Exhibitor

    "So glad it is just one day! Great crowd this year." - Exhibitor

    "A wonderful event, thank you."- Exhibitor

    "This event was great. Thank you for allowing us to participate."- Exhibitor

    "Deliah did a great job jumping in, getting organized, and addressing issues as they arose. Thanks!"- Exhibitor

    "Great job this year! One of the best Wauconda Expo's in several years." - Exhibitor

    "Great to see some local businesses and learn about the community." - Attendee

    "Had a great time.  Look for it next year." - Attendee

    "Excellent customer service." - Attendee

    "Very cool and great idea for Wauconda!  Keep it up!" - Attendee

    "Nice variety of booths." - Attendee

    "Wonderful experience." - Attendee

    "So much fun." - Attendee

    "It was perfect." - Attendee

    February 27, 2016 Expo at Wauconda High School

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