• Business Growth, Inclusion, and Community Leadership

    The Chamber makes operating a business in the Wauconda area more accessible and rewarding. We work with businesses of all sizes and people of all experience levels. With our variety of programs and events, we can help you identify new opportunities to grow and connect you with peers who are excited to advise and support you along the way.

    We offer educational programs, networking opportunities, meaningful resources, and community events to shape careers, innovate companies, and engage in community change. The  Chamber is an ally for your business as you welcome, connect, and engage a diverse and talented workforce.

    Your business' Membership is an annual investment that all of your employees may participate in.  Join us as we build upon our strong foundation of relationships between businesses, individuals, and the Wauconda area community.

  • Membership Packages

    Premier Membership  $499

    Advantage Membership  $349

    Classic Membership  $199

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    Social Member Investment - $79.00 Retired/former business and community leaders.  Prohibited to promote/represent a business.



    The Real Value of Joining a Local Chamber of Commerce  A Research Study by The Schapiro Group



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