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    "The Wauconda Area Chamber of Commerce (WACC) continues to be a smart investment of my time, energy and money.  While a chamber of commerce is an organization designed to network businesses with the community and its members; it’s how active, organized and vibrant the organization is that determines its value. I believe the WACC to be one of the most successful at this goal. WACC offers many opportunities to be involved and introduce my business to consumers and business professionals. At every event I’ve attended or participated in, I’ve felt welcomed and was greeted with friendly smiles.
    As a business owner I feel my return on investment in the WACC has been exceptional.  We have seen measurable increases in new clients and brand awareness."
    Brian Linning, CKO
    Bark N’ Town


    "As a member of the Wauconda Area Chamber of Commerce, the value I find most important is all of the friendships I’ve made, with other business owners, through the great networking events!"
    Mary Hultquist
    Social Member


    "I was pleasantly surprised by the initiative that the Wauconda Chamber has taken to educate Members and the public about   social media and its relations to small businesses.  It is great to   see the effort that is being put forth in order to adapt and evolve   to the ever-changing technological landscape of today’s world.     
    I enjoyed Kathy’s presentation on LinkedIn and look forward to the upcoming months of Social Media Boot Camp."
    Damien Reyna
    Platinum AutoBody - Volo


    "As a manufacturer located in the industrial park, the Chamber's Lunch Lessons offer an opportunity to break from the business of the day and learn something one might otherwise not. On a recent session I brought one of my managers, and we were able to apply what we learned that same day. Time is money and there are countless opportunities to develop and network in an efficient manner."
    Glenn Starkey
    Progresive Components

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